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What We Sell

grape soda

Walking into our fun-filled stores you will see over 200 bulk items, from Jawbreakers to Jelly Belly’s, assorted sodas in glass bottles, delicious handmade fudge, theatre boxes, old fashion ice cream, imported US and UK sweets, topped off with a mix of nostalgic lunch boxes, retro tin signs and a huge variety of toys to test out!!

Some of the major brands we carry are, but are not limited to…Pop Rocks, Wonka, Pez, Jelly Belly, Necco, Cow Tails, Pop Shoppe. We also specialize in UK Products such as, Cadbury Curly Wurly & Flake, Galaxy Ripple, Jelly Babies, and Irn Bru.

We invite you to come in and visit one of our many locations and see first-hand the variety of treats we offer!!