Sticky's Candy Kids Page
  • Present this card to pay for eligible products and services at any Sticky’s Candy retail location in British Columbia, Canada.
  • To protect the balance on your card against loss or theft, please Protect This Card Like Cash
  • Card cannot be refunded, redeemed for cash, or replaced if lost/stolen
  • Total purchase, including taxes, will be deducted from the balance remaining on the card.
  • If total purchase price exceeds amount available on the gift card, the consumer will be responsible to pay the balance owing.
  • A $2.50 administration fee is applicable, per month, until the card is depleted upon 15 consecutive months of inactive card use. Through written notice within two weeks prior to expiry, an extension can be requested to extend the card(s) validity to a maximum of an additional 90 days (three months).
  • Use of this card is subject to the terms and conditions governing its use, which may be subject to change at any time.
  • Check your card balance by visiting clicking the button below.